These days there are now multiple types of bets on offer from the major bookmakers, eg: 1st scorer and correct score, scorecast. These types of bets should be avoided! As with all gambling, you should always be looking for the value bet. That is to get odds that are greater than the actual chance of the event happening. With bets that have hundreds of possible outcomes you are giving the bookmaker a head start from the off.

With football betting this means that you should stick with selecting if a match is going to go to home team, the away team or finish a draw. Just 3 possible outcomes. Then you just need to know if the bet u are going to have has value. (Eg ManU to win at home is the normal outcome, but do the bookies odds match the real would chances?)To achieve this you need information. Here are the sites that you need to help achieve that value bet!

The majority of the following links all focus on the English league (with a heavy bias towards the Premiership). - one of the best sites for stats and latest news. Also some very funny articles.

BBC sport - football - a very good quality site, with up to minute information.

Physio Room - always very useful to find out whos injured or whos about to get off the injury table. Very useful for any fantasy football sites that you might be playing in. So u can sub out any injured players asap.

FootyInfo - In depth info about gambling on football, has an interesting odds value calculator - Football subsite to Betinfo.

Weekend football - A tips giving site for the english leagues.

SoccerBase - The most comprehensive source of British football data on the Internet.

Where's the Match - If you like to watch your bets unfold, then this is the site to tell you what and where u can see it (Mainly english, and european cup competitions).